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2021 Wrap-up

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Education Series: STEM Education: What does the future of STEM learning look like?

Join us as our panel discusses how educators are changing the way we teach STEM skills in the classroom for our students in applying innovative approaches in preparing STEM careers for the next generation.

​The session will give teachers and school leaders an insightful discussion into the interdisciplinary approach to learning ideas that can stimulate thinking and discussions about the future of STEM education and learning.



  • Dr Lauren Knussen, School of International Studies and Education, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS), University of Technology Sydney


Panellists: ​

  • Associate Professor Jane Hunter, School of International Studies and Education, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences (FASS), University of Technology Sydney

  • Professor Peter Howley, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences/Statistics, The University of Newcastle

  • Professor Kathryn Holmes, Science, Mathematics, Technology, Associate Dean of Research, School of Education, Director, Centre for Educational Research, Western Sydney University


Find out more about the Zoom into Guild Education Series here.

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Education Series: Remote and Online Learning: Lessons Learned and Reflections to inform the Future of Education ​

These are certainly interesting and challenging times for education, both in Australia and globally. As such, it is essential that we reflect on potential future opportunities where we, as educators, can learn from our remote teaching practice, to improve student learning, wellbeing and engagement outcomes for our students.

With the distinctive rise of e- learning and teaching, whether undertaken remotely or on digital platforms for our students, it is inevitable and appropriate that we ponder future technology, techniques and approaches with the reflection of professional lessons achieved so far.

Watch our panel discusses how educators are creating possibilities to do things differently to provide a gateway to education for our students. These educational leaders will share experiences learned with remote and online learning, particularly in the Kindergarten to Year 12 arena.



  • Kathryn Taylor, Director of Wellbeing Australia


Panellists: ​

  • Mark Long (Principal) from Penrith Selective High School;

  • Margaret Pond (Head of Junior School) from St Phillip’s Christian College, Cessnock;


Find out more about the Zoom into Guild Education Series here.

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Learning with Digital Technologies in the Classroom

The Digital Technologies in the Classroom event with speakers Noelene Callaghan and Professor Garry Falloon focused about their journeys and interesting research discoveries, relating to the utilisation of digital technology in the classroom, to inspire and remind teachers of the advantages of technology in supporting the curriculum.


Presented by

  • Professor Gary Falloon, Director of International Engagement and Professor of STEM Education in the Macquarie School of Education

  • Noelene Callaghan, Digital Learning Adviser | Rural Access Gap Program from the NSW Department of Education.


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STEAM Projects - Literacy, Communication and Experiential Learning Workshop

The workshop aims to emphasise both networking and practical applications to develop ICT, literacy, art and collaboration skills to implement their own school’s STEAM project initiatives. The workshop provided opportunities for educators to network with like-minded STEAM thinkers to create an original, valuable book that can be graded in writing across the English, History and ICT curriculum objective areas.


Presented by Carey Furze

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Frontiers of Science Forum

The 2021 Frontiers of Science Forum was a joint event with the Australian Institute of Physics, Royal Australian Chemical Institute and The Teachers Guild, NSW to bring together distinguished presenters exploring major discoveries and theories in physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry at this year’s combined event.

Presented by

  • Dr Cathy Foley AO PSM, Chief Scientist of Australia

  • Professor Judith Dawes, Macquarie University, Department of Physics and Astronomy

  • Dr Daniel Mansfield, Academic Mentor, The University of New South Wales, School of Mathematics and Statistics

  • Professor Antoine van Oijen The University of Wollongong, Director, Molecular Horizons

  • Dr Markus Müllner, The University of Sydney, School of Chemistry

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How has COVID-19 changed Learning?

The Guild hosted a joint event with Wellbeing Australia on a very relevant topic “How has COVID-19 Changed Learning?” Our panel discussed the challenges, along with the improvements to education, created throughout 2020 and reflected on what has changed, what must yet change, and what the future may look like for schools due to this pandemic. The panel shared their “silver linings” of learning through the pandemic and considered how 2021 could look in their schools.


Presented by

  • Darren Cox (Principal) and Margaret Pond (Head of Junior School) from St Phillip’s Christian College, Cessnock

  • Mark Long (Principal) and Doris Lee (Deputy Principal) from Penrith Selective High School

  • Natalie Devenish (Assistant Principal) and Belinda Vandergert (Leader of Pedagogy) from St Mary’s Cathedral College

  • Kathryn Taylor and Jacqui Van de Velde, Directors, Wellbeing Australia.

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Gamify Literacy, Engagement & Wellbeing

Gamify writing projects; students use a ‘dynamic page’ to scaffold speaking or writing and interviewing others to collect primary source original content into automatically formatted published books. Students collaborate with family, peers and community, ensuring agency, emotional connection & engagement in lessons. Books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted and sold for fundraising


Presented by Carey Furze.

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Leadership Panel Forum on How do we reinvent education? How can we build better Schools together

The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales welcomed expert panellists from a variety of backgrounds, schools and perspectives, for a Leadership Panel Forum on “How do we reinvent education? How can we build better Schools together?”


Presented by

  • Dr Linda O’Brien AM, Former Principal at Granville Boys High since 2008 and currently Pro Chancellor at Western Sydney University

  • Darren Cox, Former Principal of St Philip’s Christian College Cessnock and currently Manager School Design at Sydney Catholic Schools

  • Dr Paul Burgis, Principal at the Presbyterian Ladies College (PLC) Sydney.

  • Linda McNeil has worked in the education sector with teachers, school staff, parents and parent organisations for almost 2 decades and is currently Regional Manager Interrelate

  • Kathryn Taylor, the Director of Turning Point Consulting, a Centre of Excellence in Leadership, Change & Wellbeing, Board member of Wellbeing Australia, expert in Education and Wellbeing for ACPi and member of the Global Career Council with ICCI.


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Teach Meet: 7 min Spotlight on Schools & Technology: Enhancing Engagement for Gifted Learners

The Teachers’ Guild of NSW and Gifted Families Support Group Inc. hosted a joint Teach Meet: 7 min Spotlight on Schools & Technology: Enhancing Engagement for Gifted Learners.


Presented by

  • Simon Harper – Killara High School

  • Matthew Esterman – Trinity Grammar School

  • Dr Simon Crook – CrookED Science

  • John Drake – Parramatta Marist High School

  • Christina Alvarez – Australian Film Television and Radio School

  • Dr Ken Silburn – Glenfield District Office DoE

  • Katharyn Reid – St Catherine’s School Waverley

  • Cameron Paterson – Shore School


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2018 VET in Schools Forum delivers Inspired and Skilled

The 2018 VET in Schools forum inspired nearly 200 guests made up of VET (Vocational Education and Training) Educators, Group Training Organisations, Registered Training Organisations, TAFE Colleges and Industry from across the state. The aim of the day was to spread the word about the importance of VET in Schools as an excellent career pathway.


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