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How Has COVID-19 Changed Learning?

On Tuesday, 17th November we hosted a joint event with Wellbeing Australia on a very relevant topic “How has COVID-19 Changed Learning?”

Our panel discussed the challenges, along with the improvements to education, created throughout 2020 and reflected on what has changed, what must yet change, and what the future may look like for schools due to this pandemic. The panel shared their “silver linings” of learning through the pandemic and considered how 2021 could look in their schools.

The event was open to educational executives and educators at all levels. Some of the themes of focus that were discussed at the event included Challenges overcome; Strategic whole school agility; Staff development and mentoring; Learning practice, technology and pivoting; Community and parent engagement.

Our panellists have also included 1-minute pre-recorded grabs for the event and please enjoy their personal reflections from this link How Has COVID-19 Changed Learning pre-recorded reflections

There was great engagement by our panellists on the following questions that were raised and discussed:

· What was your school’s greatest area of challenge?

· What surprised you throughout the initial transition period when we faced the greatest change and uncertainty?

· Audience - Is there a systemic shift, in which education will move away from ‘a teaching culture to a learning culture’?

· Audience - Due to COVID, will students be empowered to learn for themselves in flexible, often collaborative ways, both inside and outside classrooms at their own pace?

· When in lockdown, how did you adjust your leadership?

· Do you feel you have altered your attainment of your school strategy throughout this period?

· Audience - What lessons can be achieved with our experiences of online technology in educating future generations.

· How were you able to focus on wellbeing in your school?

· How has your educational approach improved and what will you see to carry forward from your “new” initiatives?