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Happy World Teachers' Day from the Teachers' Guild of New South Wales

The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales wishes everyone who works in schools, early childhood and other education settings a very Happy World Teachers’ Day.

“This important occasion allows us to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of all our teachers in an increasingly complex, multicultural and technological society,” said Dr Frederick Osman, President Teachers’ Guild of NSW.

The Teachers’ Guild of NSW greatly admires the commitment of teachers in enhancing their professional knowledge, improving teaching practice, finding new ways to engage with students, and developing and fostering relationships with the wider community.

The Guild congratulates your contributions to an informed and cohesive society and wishes you every success and fulfilment for the future. Congratulations on making a real difference in the lives of our Students.

Teachers’ Guild of NSW announces 2021 Award recipients

The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales will hold its 2021 World Teachers Celebration on Friday 11 February 2022 at the Concord Golf Club, to award the outstanding professional contribution made by a select group of teachers that occurs every day across education, with further details on our website.

The presentation of the awards will honour Mr Robert William Randall, Director of the Rob Randall Group and former CEO of ACARA, with the 2021 Phyllis Evans Medal. The evening will announce and honour 79 worthy recipients across the different sectors and stages of education with the following 2021 Guild NSW Awards.

Award for Teachers in Early years of Teaching:

Primary School Division finalists:

Lia Apostolou, Georges River Grammar

Scott Gregory, PLC Sydney

Anna James, The King’s School

Rianna Le, Molong Central School

Rebecca Leontios, Newington College

Senior School Division finalists:

Wendy Campbell, Wenona School

Matindi Twyford-Moore, Newcastle Grammar School

Mathew Owen, Redlands