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Congratulations: The Educators Hot List 2020

The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales would like to congratulate Alex Wharton, Dr Christine Mae and William Wallace as our Guild Honorary Fellows included in The educators Hot List 2020. This recognition is very rewarding and we are very fortunate to have many talented educators in our Guild profession.

Alex Wharton, Carinya Christian School Gunnedah

head of middle school

Alex Wharton is an educational leader and writer who actively works to advance education and the teaching profession, not just within his school but also the community and the wider education industry.

Wharton regularly presents at Teach Meets, mentors early career teachers, is a regular guest speaker for university pre-service teachers, and influences educational dialogue through his active social media engagement. He also extensively writes pedagogy publications, including those for the Australian Association for the Teaching of English and the Copyright Agency Reading Australia project.

Wharton’s recent achievements include writing and recording a series of video HSC English lessons for rural, remote, disadvantaged, senior students; becoming a Google Certified Educator so that he can lead professional learning for teachers at his school; delivering an online presentation about teachers reclaiming the teaching profession for TeachMeet Democracy; and continuing to lead the growth in the establishing of a secondary school in NSW.

Christine Mae, Sydney Catholic Schools

education officer of Mathematics and Numeracy K-12

Christine Mae has contributed two outstanding initiatives that have advanced innovation for the entire education industry, especially in the area of mathematics.  

Mae has designed and is delivering project Mathematical Expertise and Excellence, a ground-breaking longitudinal program of teacher professional learning that builds subject matter knowledge and pedagogical skills for teaching Mathematics. The project, the first of its kind to be accredited with NESA at the Lead Standard across the entirety of NSW, aims to increase the proportion of students studying, and aspiring to study, higher levels of mathematics and mathematics-related subjects, and to maximise the levels of numeracy attained by all students in the system. As an extension of the work, Mae set about developing a team of “leaders of learning” who will build the capacity of instructional leaders within each school. The instructional leaders, in turn, will lift the standard of teaching of all teachers in each one of their schools.

Mae also recently designed a new level of the Mathematical Expertise and Excellence course for participants in their third year of the course. The innovative course teaches leaders how to lead the design of exemplary tasks, lead the development of teaching programs, and lead the provision of consistent, quality classroom learning over the whole school.  The course was launched this year.

Will Wallace, Lakes Grammar - An Anglican School

head of junior school

Will Wallace has been instrumental in the outstanding growth of Lakes Grammar’s junior school during the past few years – from being placed 40th out of 73 primary schools from the combined sectors in 2013, to ranking in the top-five in 2019-2020.

Under Wallace’s capable leadership, Lakes Grammar has been accredited as a Cambridge International School, a Kidsmatter school, and was recognized as a SchoolAid national accredited school. Some of Wallace’s key initiatives in the past 12 months include the integration of STEM into the junior school curriculum at Lakes Grammar, the establishment of STEM Centre in the junior school, the introduction of a nationwide confidential counselling program for junior school heads and their families, and the design and launch of an annual masterclass program for middle leaders across IPSHA schools.