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Winners of 2019 World Teachers Awards

18 October 2019


For immediate release

Teachers’ Guild of NSW announces winners of 2019 World Teachers Awards

On Friday October 25th, The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales will hold its 2019 World Teachers Celebration at the Concord Golf Club, to award the outstanding professional contribution to education made by a select group of teachers.

“This important occasion allows us to celebrate and acknowledge the achievements of all our teachers in an increasingly complex, multicultural and technological society,” said Dr Frederick Osman, President Teachers’ Guild of NSW.

The Teachers’ Guild of NSW greatly admires the commitment of teachers in enhancing their professional knowledge, improving teaching practice, finding new ways to engage with students, and developing and fostering relationships with the wider community.

This year, 230 guests will gather to celebrate the presentation of awards presented by special guest The Hon. Sarah Mitchell, MP, Minister for Education. The event will honor 68 worthy recipients across the different sectors and stages of education.

Award for teachers in their early years of teaching

Primary School Division finalists

April Bryson, Lakes Grammar School, Warnervale

Taylor Graham, Barker College

Emily McMahon, Abbotsleigh

Lauren Taylor, St Philip’s Christian School, Cessnock

Senior School Division finalists

Chris Crimmins, St Paul’s Grammar School, Cranebrook

Zachary Ellul, St Joseph Catholic High School

Zachary Gorton, Macarthur Anglican School

Jeremy Hawkes, Radford College, ACT

Diana Webster, Abbotsleigh

The Guild Scholarship winner