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CONGRATULATIONS from the 2017 Annual Dinner and Awards Evening

Dear Colleagues,

On Saturday September 2nd, The Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales held its 125 years’ anniversary at The 2017 Annual Dinner and Presentation of Awards at Trinity Grammar School, Dining Hall. 70 guests gathered to celebrate the presentation of this year’s award that included the Presentation for Excellence in Teaching and Certificates of Excellence were presented to a number of outstanding young colleagues. The Teachers’ Guild’s Research Award was also presented on the evening. Each Year, the Awards Honour an educator of great standing, who also has a Teachers’ Guild Connection. This year we were delighted to Honour Mr Phillip James Heath who has been actively involved in education for many years as a teacher, administrator and now as Head Master at Barker College. The Guild was pleased to honour Mr Heath in its 2017 Awards.

The Awards also thanked Mr Jihad Dib, The Shadow Minister for Education and a former teacher and principal himself for making time in his busy schedule to attend and help to present awards to some outstanding educators.

The Teachers’ Guild of NSW this year celebrates a long, impressive and honourable history of service, support and training for the vocation of teaching; always maintaining its foundation aim “to promote in all possible ways, the care of education”. The Guild represent teachers from all levels and promotes a long established theme of deep interest in the professional development and encouragement of colleague educators, providing opportunities for members of the profession to network, refine skills, and receive recognition. As the longest established professional organisation for teachers in Australia, the Guild has for 125 years been an undeniably important influence in the history of education in NSW and continues its commitment to the care of teaching, standing on the shoulders of past and current members who have helped to shape education in this State and positively enriched countless number of school students’ lives.

Our members and awardees on the night were distributed with the 125th Anniversary Guild pins in celebrating this milestone and always uphold the motto I Teach That I May Learn.

It has been a delight to see the ongoing development of the Guild, to recognising the impact it is having on the teaching profession, and to acknowledge the reinforcement and encouragement it is providing through the Awards to some truly outstanding contributions for Beginning Teachers and Research Awards. Congratulations to all award recipients!

The program for the evening included:

  • Presentation of the Awards for Teachers in their Early Years of Teaching in Primary School and Secondary School Divisions

  • Presentation of The Scholarship Prize: This is an annual scholarship donated by the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales for a student in the second year of the MTeach programme at the University of Sydney

  • Presentation of the "Guild Research Award" and "The Teachers Mutual Bank Award" which is offered to a Postgraduate Student or Experienced teacher, who is currently completing or completed a research of direct benefit to classroom teaching and the

  • Presentation of Honorary Fellows of the Teachers Guild of NSW by honouring and acknowledging outstanding members of our profession for their dedicated service in education.

· Presentation of Life Membership to Mr Peter Green