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What is the Research Award?
The Annual Guild Research Presentation Evening (GRAPE) is an opportunity to give teachers and post graduate students an opportunity to present their research work to a learned audience in the friendly environment of a school setting. It allows for reflection of the presenters' proposed research and progress achievements as well as provides the presenters the opportunity to liaise with other presenters, students, academics, staff, visitors and past students.


These awards have been created to encourage excellence in research work, and all nominees who participate in the awards evening will receive a special certificate recognising the nominee's high standing.


Recipient of the $1000 Guild Research Award will be presented at the Teachers’ Guild of NSW Annual Dinner and Awards Evening.



2021 Guild Research Award Presentation Evening

Date: Friday 27 August 2021
Venue: Concord Golf Club
Cost: This is a free event
Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm

Schedule for the Award Presentation Evening available soon.

For more information, please contact Dr. Lauren Knussen at




A $1000 "Guild Research Award" are offered to a Postgraduate Student and/or Experienced teacher in NSW or ACT school, who is currently completing or completed research of direct benefit to classroom teaching within the last two years. The prize is presented at the Teachers' Guild of NSW Annual Dinner and Awards Evening.


Judging Criteria:
The presentations will be judged on the criteria (1) content and scientific quality, (2) clarity and (3) presentation skills.



1. Content and scientific quality 
Content and scientific quality are important criteria. The presentation must be interesting, and the material should be seen to be significant within the field of research. Context is important for establishing what the state of current research in the field is and how the described research contributes to and extends current knowledge. The candidate must balance the competing demands of providing a clear explanation to the non-specialist and illustrating the techniques and methods to allow a meaningful assessment of the presenter's own understanding and contributions to the research. The context can be further clarified during the question-and-answer session.

2. Clarity
Clarity is a skill which is required to communicate a subject requiring years of study into a multimedia presentation. The judges are looking for the presenter's ability to communicate the essence of the research without becoming excessively encumbered with detail. A proper introduction, good exposition and meaningful conclusions are important factors in providing a clear presentation.

3. Presentation Skills
Presentation skills include the best use of visual aids, speaking ability, eye contact, projecting a professional and confident attitude, preparedness and response to questions.  These factors and others contribute to the overall impression of the candidate's performance. A good talk is more than the sum of good performance in each component. The best talk is well-presented, well-practised, clear, conveys significance and impact, and is stimulating and memorable



After the Research Award Presentation Evening: All presenters have the opportunity to publish their research report in the biennial publication of our journal 'The Proceedings of the Teachers' Guild of New South Wales'. This prestigious document is distributed to all Guild members, published online (above) and accessed by teachers Australia-wide.



Details Past Guild Research Winners are found in our Reflection Reports:


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