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Commonly Asked Questions About Sex Addiction

Most people have probably at least heard sex addiction mentioned in the media. Awareness of the problem is growing, slowly, but like anything new to the general public there are misconceptions about what it is. It's important that people become more aware of it, because many who suffer from this addiction suffer longer because they don't know the problem they have is shared by others and can be treated.

Here are some commonly asked questions about sex addiction and basic answers:

-What is it exactly?

Sex addiction is like any other type of addiction where the brain becomes dependent on certain chemicals to function normally. In this case, the chemicals are produced by the brain, naturally. When a person engages in a sex act, it triggers the brain's sense of pleasure and reward by releasing dopamine. This chemical relaxes a person and makes them feel satisfied. Any sex act can cause this, so among sex addicts there can be porn addicts, masturbation addicts, people addicted to phone sex, etc.

-How do I know if I, or someone else, is a sex addict?

Sex addiction isn't about liking sex more than anyone else. Addicts often take no real joy from what they do; they simply need to do it to feel normal. There are three basic signs of sex addiction. One, is the person is compelled to engage in the sex act. It's not about pleasure or anything else; they simply do it, often using it as a sort of anesthesia to their daily troubles. Secondly, it has to be causing them some sort of problem, be it with their jobs, relationships, or lives. Sex is a natural stress reducer, and there's no set amount one should or should not have, so the marker for addiction has to be negative consequences. Finally, the addict must have made at least one attempt to halt the behavior and failed. Liking sex is normal, and unfortunately, sex can cause problems for nearly anyone, but this third element signals an absence of control.

-How does a person become a sex addict?

It's hard to say what causes addiction to sex, but there are things that many addicts have in common and appear to be risk factors.

One is childhood abuse or neglect. The abuse need not be sexual, as non-sexual ideas of love are formed early on in childhood. Many addicts report having neglectful or overbearing parents. Some do report sexual abuse, which has a devastating effect on a developing sense of sexuality. In others, their sex education was non-existent or deficient, coming from poor role models or phim xxx. Young people are naturally curious about sex and will seek information on it from any source.

Still, others report their problem developing when they began turning to sex as a form of coping. Watching porn after a long day at work, or otherwise using sex to make themselves feel better, led to a dependence on it. A great number of addicts also claim family members who suffered various types of addictions.

-Can it be cured?

Cured is a strong word, but sex addicts can recover, and there are multiple paths to recovery. Individual therapy sessions are a start, where a trained therapist can address the root of the addict's trouble. There are also numerous 12-step groups under different umbrella organizations that hold meetings. These stress self-reflection and personal accountability, and are patterned after substance abuse programs. For severe cases, there are also treatment facilities a person can make use of, either as an inpatient or outpatient.

Unlike other addiction treatments, those seeking help for addiction to sex are not seeking to remove sex from their lives. They may give up certain behaviors like phim xxx and masturbation, but the ultimate goal is to incorporate sex back into their lives in a healthy way.


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