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Nov 16, 2020


Venue: Concord Golf Club

Time: 5.30pm to 8:30pm

Cost: $20 includes canapés and beverages

These are certainly interesting and challenging times for both Australia and Global Education, as we reflect on future educational opportunities from which we can learn, as COVID19 has been the greatest disruption to education in decades. It is inevitable and appropriate, that we do think about the future to some degree regarding the lessons achieved so far, with the distinctive rise of elearning and teaching, whether undertaken remotely or on digital platforms for our students. Join us to welcome an Expert Panel from a variety of backgrounds, to discuss how educators are creating possibilities to do things differently to provide a gateway to education for our students. The panel will share new modes of instruction they have experienced from their perspective, during COVID-19, that have previously been largely untapped, particularly in the Kindergarten to Year 12 arena.

Sep 24, 2020


The Guild Research Presentations are an opportunity to give teachers and post graduate researchers to present their research work to a learned audience. These awards have been created to encourage excellence in research work, and all nominees will be competing for the Guild Research Award prize and the Teachers Mutual Bank Research Award prize which will be presented at the Teachers’ Guild of NSW Annual Dinner and Awards Evening at the Concord Golf Club.  

Venue: Concord Golf Club

Cost: This is a free event

Time: 1.00pm to 5.00pm

For more information, please visit


Sep 07, 2020

What is "STEM"?  (And why is it so important?) 

Venue: Online 

Time: 3pm- 4:30pm

Cost: Free

Learning with STEM: What the WORLD Must be Like:
“STEM” is the latest buzzword – everyone is talking about how we need more of it!  But do we? And if so, exactly what do we need more of?  We could surely use more scientists and engineers, but there is a much more urgent need: to raise the level of ‘scientific literacy’ in the wider community, but also in the student cohort. Not everyone needs to be a scientist, but in our increasingly technological age, everyone needs to understand what is, and is not, “scientific”.
In this introductory lecture, Tibor argues that this is what “Learning with STEM” is about, and that it is important! Tibor will expand on the Scientific Method, and explore what Science can and cannot tell us about the physical world.

Jun 15, 2020


Improve student’s literacy and Social Emotional learning, using technology-as-a-tool to scaffold fun communication activities with family, peers and community.

Explore how the FamilyBookform online tool facilitates the framework of ‘Universal Design Learning’ to save you time in delivering personalised and differentiated Project Based learning to enrich curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments. 
This interactive webinar will guide teachers through assigning Communication Projects to a class or Year group. See how students automatically create published books in 3 steps:

  1. Collect – Students work independently, following a template page to interview others using question prompts, speech-to-text and contributions, to automatically collect original content into a digital format.

  2. Edit – Students share their audio stories and text in class for lesson enrichment, collaborative editing and peer bonding.

  3. Present – Students are proud to present their polished end book product to their family and community. 

Student’s books can be graded, included in portfolios, gifted or sold for School fundraising.
Ken Robinson, “Creativity is as important as literacy”
Use FamilyBookform and do BOTH

May 03, 2020

The Collaborative Book Online Masterclass

A ‘template page’ guides students to automatically contribute text and photos into a Collaborative Class Book. Create a Class book to showcase student's experiences and perspectives on a topic. E.g. the ‘COVID-19 & Me’ Class Book.

See here for introduction video for the Webinar

Explore how the FamilyBookform online tool facilitates the framework of ‘Universal Design Learning’ to save you time in delivering personalised and differentiated Project Based learning to enrich curriculum-aligned lessons and assessments. 

Apr 06, 2020


Event cancelled

Venue: Concord Golf Club

Time: 5:00 PM for a 6:00 PM start

​Nominations are now open for the 2020 Early Years of Teaching Awards, conducted annually by the Guild. There are two categories of Award, one for a Secondary (7-12) teacher, and one for a Primary (K-6) teacher. Only teachers in their second or third year of teaching are eligible for nomination.

Join us for an information session and refreshments!

Cost: $15.00  including refreshments


Jul 02, 2020

ut this item...


Event cancelled

Completing the 2020 VET in Schools Forum and workshop will contribute 6 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing 6.2.2, 7.2.2 and 7.4.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW.

Teachers should provide their Registration number and Name of School when registering for this event for accreditation purposes.


Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College 17 Comer Street, Burwood


8:30am – 3:30pm


PRICING for currinda:

  • 2020 Members individual rate $100 (Guild / ACE)

  • 2020 Non-members individual rate $125

  • 2020 Non-members group rate (x10) $1000

Jul 30, 2020


​Event cancelled

A very warm invitation is extended to all Honorary Fellows and Life Members of the Guild and their partners, to attend the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales Fellows Dinner. During the evening, there will be a presentation by our distinguished speaker Cheryl Lacey. The Guild will also honour Fellowships of the Guild to some very worthy colleagues on the evening.

Schools are in the business of providing a service – education – and while every school is led by a Principal, not all are principled in the same manner. While reports indicate that Principals and schools are coming under increased pressure, what is not reported are the opportunities Principals have to ensure a world leading education is offered. In this presentation, Cheryl challenges her audience to believe in the power of a principled Principal and provides a balanced pathway for effecting immediate change. It’s optimistic, it’s powerful and above all – possible.


Cheryl Lacey is a mum, educationist, speaker and author, and highly respected in her approach to agitating for change in Australian education. In Cheryl’s latest book, Marching Schools Forward, she challenges some of the basic concepts that underpin education and makes no apology for what are, sometimes, controversial observations. Cheryl has worked in all sectors of education from early-childhood to tertiary and in independent, denominational and government schools. Cheryl is recognised internationally for her work and continues in her quest for a world-class education for all Australians

Venue: Concord Golf Club
Time: 6.00pm
Cost: $100



Mar 16, 2020


What's this item about?

Venue: Concord Golf Club

Time: 5:45pm registration


Learning a STEM to STE(A)M Sustainable Approach:  
In this workshop, teachers will learn about the changes occurring in Australia as we shift from STEM-to-STE(A)M active learning environments. Visualise, plan and design STEAM frameworks suitable to use in your classrooms (K-12). Form collaborative networking groups with other like-minded colleagues to activate your imagination and building the next generation of 21st century thinkers.

Presenter: Dr Bronwen Wade-Leeuwen’s PhD research into fostering ‘creativity’ in teachers at Macquarie University will underpin this professional learning workshop.

Cost:  Members: $30.00  Non-Members: $35.00 (Includes refreshments)

R.S.V.P By Friday 13th March 2020 

Mar 05, 2020


What's this item about? Wha

Join us in exploring major discoveries and theories in physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry at this year’s combined AIP, TGNSW, RSNSW and RACI meeting


Ever since the Copernicun revolution in the 15th century science has been progressing at an exponential rate. Major discoveries and theories in physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry, have shaped and continue to grow at an exponential rate. The Frontiers of Science forum will have a group of international experts to give brief talks on the latest and future developments in their fields of knowledge.

Venue: Boston University Campus

Time: From 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Cost: Nil includes light refreshment

Mar 01, 2020


Venue: Boston University Sydney

Time: From 6.30pm

Part 1: February 17

Part 2: February 24

Part 3: March 2

Learning with STEM: What the WORLD Must be Like:  
Science used to be ‘Natural Philosophy’ until the Scientific Revolution of the 16th and 17th centuries saw a parting of ways. Science became increasingly empirical – performing experiments and recording findings – while Philosophy remained contemplative – pondering the principles of logic, knowledge, ethics and politics, and struggling to make sense of the human condition. Today, both disciplines can claim significant achievements for both new technologies and improved understanding, but they also trouble each other – and the result is unfortunate. 
The three-part workshop will examine this divide, exploring the nature of “understanding” and how we might go about answering the question even Einstein famously asked, “What is ‘reality’?

Feb 20, 2020


In 2020, the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales is delighted to host their events at the Concord Golf Club, which is centrally located in the Inner West. The Concord Golf Club is close to Sydney Olympic Park and a convenient drive from the city. The Clubhouse and gardens will provide an intimate and picturesque setting for our functions with the highest quality food and immaculate club facilities.

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