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Honorary Fellows of the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales, recognise outstanding educators who have made major contributions both within their mainstream sphere of work and more broadly across the profession. Existing members, or current non-members, may make an application to the Guild for Honorary Fellowship of the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales. Nominations are considered by the Awards Committee against criteria defined below and Honorary Fellows are appointed by resolution of the Guild Council.


The application must provide evidence that the applicant has met criterion 1, and any three of criteria 2 (a-h).

Criterion 1

The applicant must have had an extensive, long-term involvement in Education, which may be in one or more of the following, or other categories which might be deemed relevant: school education, pre-school education, tertiary education, technical or vocational education, adult professional development, community education.

Criteria 2

a) Hold Fellowship of another professional association in which Fellowship is deemed an honour, protected by rigorous criteria.

b) Be incumbent in, or retired from, a senior leadership/management role in their professional or volunteer work.

c) Hold a post-graduate degree (Masters level at least) in their chosen discipline.

d) Have a significant record of refereed publications, or an equivalent body of work.

e) Have been the recipient of a prestigious award, prize, medal or honour in their academic, professional or community work.

f) Have qualified for AITSL recognition as either Highly Accomplished or Lead Teachers.

g) Have given significant service to the Teachers’ Guild of New South Wales.

h) Other achievements deemed by the Council to be equivalent.


Members who satisfy this profile will be admitted to the honour of Honorary Fellowship of the Guild, which would involve the granting of the post-nominals HFTGN.


Honorary Fellowship - $140.00 pa (calender year)

NOTE: If existing Ordinary Members wish to change category, this will attract an additional $50.00 above the standard the annual subscription rate ($90.00).

Select Join Now to join via Currinda, our membership database. Your membership application will be sent for approval. Approval will only be granted if payment is received.  If you are already a TGNSW Member and wish to change Membership Type, please complete the Honorary Fellowship application form and email the Secretariat 

Log in to Currinda at any time to update your contact details or download your invoice/receipts.


Click here to access the HFTGN Policy and our past recipients.

Click here for Terms and Conditions of the Guild's Membership

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