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The Guild Educators’ Network (GEN) is an initiative of the Teachers’ Guild of NSW. The GEN seeks to provide support to student teachers and early career teachers by offering professional development, friendly advice and informal mentoring. We offer you a place to network and share ideas and experiences with other teachers as you get involved in the NSW education community.”


“Our aim is to support new teachers by running a calendar of social events that allows Early Career Teachers (ECE) to network with like-minded professionals. We facilitate this networking by offering events/social gatherings throughout the year aimed at those new to teaching in NSW. These events run alongside the established TGNSW events and are a part of the Guild’s calendar.

To be eligible for the New Educators Network, and to enjoy its many benefits, you must become a member of the GUILD.

To find out more, please contact one of the GUILD EDUCATORS NETWORK team who will respond to your enquiry via email.


For more information please contact:


Amy Ayres (

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