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Corporate Membership is open to schools or similar educational institutions. Institutions can choose between:
Corporate 6 membership and Corporate 10 membership.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

  • Advice of all Guild events and activities securely delivered to the Contact person

  • The right to send any 6 (or 10) people to Guild events at the discounted members' price

  • Six (or ten) copies of Proceedings of the Teachers' Guild of New South Wales, published biennially

  • The right of the Principal or Head of the member body to use the member post-nominals MTGN

  • Eligibility of the Principal or Head of the member body, or their nominee, to stand for election to the Guild Council or any of its offices.


Current annual subscription rates (per calendar year) are:

  • Corporate 6 Membership  -  $450 pa

  • Corporate 10 Membership  -  $650 pa


Select Join Now to join via Currinda, our membership database. Your membership application will be sent for approval. Approval will only be granted if payment is received.

Log in to Currinda at any time to update your contact details or download your invoice/receipts.


Click here for Terms and Conditions of the Guild's Membership

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