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A4T is the brainchild of two education entrepreneurs who have combined experience in education for more than 60 years.

We acknowledged the crucial need of proper education for our younger generation to be able to build the future and this became our mission.

Technology in education has taken precedence and we have been contemplating for so many years to move classroom-based learning to virtual learning.

We have carefully designed and developed a system which enhance student’s education and facilitate young learners without compromising on teaching delivery and quality of learning.

We base the foundation of this development on our 60-year cumulative experience and we have carefully combined our knowledge with the latest technology while developing our system.

Our courses designed to provide the best secondary education in an online platform to create a safe and modern environment for our students. Courses are completely online from the enrolment to the completion certificate.

All classes held under the supervision of our supervisors at all time. The quality control takes place by our professional education advisors throughout the year.

To exceed the education outcome, we created a reward platform which provides tags and badges for students’ effort and hard work which encourages students as well as motivates them to be willing to achieve more.

We believe in the importance of parents’ engagement in young learners’ education journey and for this, they will actively be updated by our teachers regarding the student’s progress, and they can manage online meetings throughout the course if necessary.

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